Thoughts On Tweetbot For Mac

Yesterday Tapbots released a Tweetbot for Mac (alpha) and it is great despite their warning:

Bugs! Lots of them.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Sending us bug and crash reports will help us out a lot. You can do so by hitting “Send Feedback” from the Help menu in Tweetbot for Mac.

Disturbing graphics and performance issues.

Okay, not disturbing to most of you, but some designers can get pretty disgusted by the slightest mis-aligned pixel. Don’t be alarmed, we plan on making everything as beautiful and pixel perfect as we can. Throwing things on the canvas is just part of our process. And no, the egg icon isn’t the final icon. It was thrown together for alpha/beta purposes. We also spend most of our time optimizing performance towards the end of development.

Updates and Expiring alpha/betas.

Updates will be automatically pushed out to you. We suggest you install them as each new build will fix bugs and possibly add new functionality. Old builds will also expire after a certain period of time.

No crashes or weird behavior so far. Will continue using it in place of the official Twitter client. Will post bugs, issues here when encounter any.

Thoughts On Tweetbot For Mac

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